7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019 on the Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020


CP ALL, jointly with OSMEP and DIP, organize a ceremony to present “7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019” to 21 SMEs from 10 categories on the Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020. This award is anticipated to help other SMEs further develop their business.

Mr.Tanin Buranamanit, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of CP ALL Public Company Limited, founder of 7-eleven convenience stores in Thailand, said that CP ALL has coordinated with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP), the Capitalized Retailers and SME Trade Association and 24 Shopping Company Limited present the “7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019” on the Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020. In a total of 10 categories, the awards identify and recognize 21 potential SMEs this year and aims to inspire other SMEs in every sector to improve their products and services.

“We have hosted this award ceremony for the fourth consecutive year. All the awardees in each categories, including agro-product SME, health product SME, and SMEs for community, have passed the strict selection processes. We trust that this award would increase their competitive edge and encourage them to create and further develop products and services. Meanwhile, the awardees will become the role models for other SMEs to improve their business, enhance their potential and create an ecosystem of SMEs development,” said Mr.Tanin.

CP ALL, through 7-Eleven and 24 Shopping, continuously support and improve the quality of SMEs. So far, there are more than 22,000 items from around 50,000 farmers and SMEs selling in 7-Eleven and 24 Shopping. The farmers and SMEs have been advised to improve their products in terms of standard, price, production continuity, safety and technology.

In addition, CP All also offers many opportunities to SMEs on the Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020 including “SME Key Success : Tips to succeed” seminar by successful SMEs and “How To Be Successful in Selling Products at 7-Eleven and 24 Shopping” seminar by the speaker who is in charge of product selection in 7-Eleven and 24 Shopping.

Ms.Wimonkan Kosumas, Acting Director-General of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), said that as a coordinating agency with govermental and private sectors in both domestic and overseas to promote SMEs, OSMEP has strong determination to execute various processes for SMEs development and connect to SMEs in all areas nationwide through its SME One-Stop Service Centers. Its concrete measure, MSME 2020, emphasizes new way of SMEs support including 1.Level up MSME governmental fund to revolving fund 2.Develop the OSS business learning center called SME Academy 365 3.Create the coupon system for SMEs product development. 4.Develop core mechanism for MSME marketing channel development. 5.Implement new measures called MSME Fall and Rise to help SMEs reduce the barriers of business recovery. 6.Develop SMEs evaluating system and SMEs Big Data 7.Open for private sectors to become one of MSME support agencies. 8.Deliver tech and innovation knowhow in circular economy system development. OSMEP also cooperates with Comptroller General’s Department to help SMEs can be in governmental procurement process generating sustainable income. The “7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019”, will be one of the main mechanism to create SMEs role models, which consecutively develop their products and business management for long time until they can place their products in the well-known convenience store nationwide.

Dr.Ariyaporn Amnucksoradej, Acting Director of Division of Industrial Business Capability Development, Department of Industry Promotion (DIP), said that the policy of “Pan Prung Plian SME Hai Di Prom (DIProm)” (Shape, Improve, Change SMEs For The Better), focuses on developing several groups of SMEs in 3 ways including 1.SMEs in agricultural sector, turning traditional farmers into modern agricultural businesspeople 2.SMEs with creativity, developing SMEs based on knowhow, creativity, and intellectual property 3.SMEs with effectiveness, supporting SMEs to apply smart technology to their businesses. Not only SMEs development, but DIP also cooperates with various agencies in public sectors and private sectors, co-creating new policies to help support each region’s industries, and changes its work process to meet the most effective way of promoting SMEs in every industries. It is DIP’ honor to cooperate with CP ALL in granting this award to SMEs to encourage them to develop themselves and generate sustainable income to their local communities as a part to improve the grassroot economy in the long run

“Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020” is held during Feb 26-28, 2020 on the 2nd floor at Building B, Thai Government Complex, on Chaengwattana Road. Highlights include more than 12,000 scholarships, worth 1 billion baht, for Vocational Certificate and Bachelor Degree from Panyapiwat Technological College (PAT) and Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), 35,000 job opportunities from CP ALL and its subsidiaries. There are over 300 booths from SMEs, local communities, public agencies, academic institutions and financial institutions. In addition, it gathers SMEs consultants, offers the opportunity to pitch the products to be placed in 7-Eleven and Twenty-four shopping or become 7-Eleven Store Business Partner, and presents “7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019”.

A list of 10 categories comprises 1.Best SMEs For Sustainability, 2.Outstanding SMEs, 3.Rising Star SMEs, 4.Best SMEs For Agro-products, 5.Best SMEs For Community, 6.Best SMEs in Creativity, 7.Best SMEs For Health Products, 8.Best SMEs For Equipment and Construction Franchise Sustainability, 9.Best SME For Engineering Sustainability, 10.Best SMEs For Service Franchise Sustainability.

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