“Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020” Kicked Off, With 7 Opportunities In 9 Zones To SME-Students-Shoppers


“Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020” has greatly returned at Building B, Thai Government Complex, on Chaengwattana Road. There are over 300 booths from SMEs-Public-Private-Financial sectors. On the space of over 10,000 square meters, it offers 7 opportunities via 9 zones to everyone together with the insight sharing by experts from several industries.

Mr.Piyawat Titasattavorakul, Vice Chairman of Executive Committee, CP ALL Public Company Limited, Founder of 7-eleven convenience stores in Thailand said, CP ALL has joined hand with various alliances including Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Department of Industry Promotion (DIP), organize the “Opportunity Day@CP ALL 2020” for the second consecutive year on the gross space of 10,000 square meters, being the “Opportunity Market” to give the opportunities to everyone including SMEs, students, job seekers and general public in line with the company’s determination “Giving and sharing opportunities”.

For the concept this year, it grants 7 opportunities, which comprises 1. Education Opportunity 2. Job Opportunity 3.Business Partner Opportunity 4. 7-Eleven & 24 shopping Partner Opportunity 5. Good Quality of Life Opportunity 6. Knowledge Opportunity and 7. Shopping Opportunity for quality Products. The event is organized in 9 zones, which are 1. Knowledge Zone (Main Stage) 2. Pavilion Zone 3. Educational Zone 4. Job Fair Zone 5. Agro-products Zone 6. Selective and local SME Products Zone 7. SME Clinic Zone 8. Business Matching Zone and 9. Partnering up with 7-Eleven Zone. Every zone is open for public without any cost.

Highlights include 1 billion baht worth of over 12,000 scholarships, for Vocational Certificate and Bachelor Degree from Panyapiwat Technological College (PAT) and Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), 35,000 job opportunities from CP ALL and its subsidiaries, and over 300 booths from SMEs, local communities, public agencies including Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Department of Industry Promotion (DIP), academic institutions and financial institutions. In addition, it gathers SME consultants, offers the opportunity to pitch products to be placed in 7-Eleven and Twenty-four shopping or become 7-Eleven Store Business Partner, and grants “7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019”.

During these three days, speakers from various industries will be on stage to share insights and secrets, for example, “Education Transform” topic by Prof.Dr.Suchatvee Suwansawat President of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), “Selling Techniques From Successful SMEs” and “Secrets Of Selling Products at 7-Eleven and 24 Shopping”. End the seminars with “Astrology Tips For Luck and Prosperity By Mor Chang” by Master Chang, Todsaporn Sritula and “Commerce Ethics” by Sakda Suntharo Provost.

On the first day, honorary speakers from academic and private sectors jointly will share their knowledges with SMEs, for example, “How To Shape SME Business In Digital Era” by Dr.Surapit Promsit, specialist in e-Commerce and “How To Make Products and Brands Desirable” by Mr.Peerawong Chaturongakula, specialist in branding and packaging design.

“Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020” is held during Feb 26-28, 2020 on the 2nd floor at Building B, Thai Government Complex, on Chaengwattana Road. Everyone can attend the event at no cost. For more information, please browse https://www.cpall.co.th/cp-all-opportunity-day/

Jaran Choomngern Report